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AZ Ekotherm - production of Euro windows and doors largest manufacturer of conservatories in the Czech Republic

Wooden windows AZ EKOTHERM

  • high quality glued scantling (spruce, pine, meranti, oak, larch)
  • multilayer surface finish system
  • double and triple-glazing system with stainless steel or plastic frame
  • double seal
  • window fitting system tilt-turn and paraller slide and tilt SIEGENIA-AUBI
  • excellent thermal and acoustic properties+a very long life
  • modern certified technology
  • Quality Management System ISO


Wooden windows EURO IV92

wooden windows IV88

          - TOP Product
          - the best ratio of price and quality
          - four-layered glued scantling
          - Uw=0,7 (insulating triple-glass Ug=0,5) in standard
          - best certified parametre     Rw=45 dB
          - suitable for low-energy and passive houses


Wooden windows EURO IV68

wooden windows IV68


            - classic modern wooden windows
            - three-layered glued scantling
            - Uw=1,27 (insulating double-glass Ug=1,1) in standard
            - best certified parameters Uw=1,19     Rw=40 dB



 HS portal - sliding windows and doors


     - simple manipulation with lift-sliding system
     - single, double and multi wings system
     - barrier-free
     - new ventilation system with high security



Lining windows

lining window


     - double wooden windows for historical buildings
     - modern windows + historic design
     - Uw= 0,90     Rw= 43-46 dB



Wood-aluminum windows

wood-aluminium window


               - exterior aluminum cladding system Gutmann
               - wood-aluminum windows IV92
               - wood-aluminum windows IV68


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