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AZ Ekotherm - production of Euro windows and doors largest manufacturer of conservatories in the Czech Republic

AZ EKOTHERM - Winter Gardens And Wooden Windows

Conservatories - Winter Gardens

Since 1998 we have realized the aesthetic, insulated winter garden with the help of Euro windows and other quality building components. Conservatories annually increasing proportion of the production company AZ EKOTHERM. At the end of 2009 exceeded the total number of realized conservatories 800th. This figure ranks us right at the cutting edge producers conservatories in the Czech Republic. Atypical build conservatories tailored covers for pools, but we realize the glass pergolas etc. Moreover, we can supply are 5 type of winter gardens in a very modular system - for customers - great prices.

Implementation of conservatories

Scuntion windows

  • Historical beauty and modern design of wooden windows.

We offer free for our customers:

  • technical documents
  • request for replacement historical windows
  • personal meeting in Prague City Hall Heritage Department
Scuntion windows in historic buildings

Wooden windows

We produce windows from high-quality materials and verified by modern techniques. Customers can choose any type of window, which will be accurately manufactured and supplied according to order. Wooden windows have a very long life, excellent thermal and acoustic properties. We produce wooden windows EURO (TOP IV68, IV92 TOP), scuntion windows (EKOTHERM and CORONE) and wooden windows, doors and walls with fire resistant.


Quality wooden windows

Entrance doors

The wooden entrance doors are another assortment AZ EKOTHERM Ltd. and they are manufactured in the system EURO EURO IV92 and IV68. Basic orientation division is divided into 24 types, which can be further divided, or make front door according to your design - the customer, the designer or architect. Reference photographs can be viewed here

Entrance doors

Why choose AZ EKOTHERM?

  • Modern technology - the company uses advanced technology and best practices
  • Quality Assurance - Quality of product is confirmed not only by the State certificate of accredited testing laboratories, but also the ISO 9001 certificate
  • Flexibility - we realize small orders (one piece from the window), but large orders for several million, we supply our products all over the country, also exported to Slovakia, Austria and Croatia
  • Comprehensive services - every order we begin to draw up free advice and quotations free of charge, after writing a contract for the precise targeting of products followed, and then their production, transportation to the place of execution, professional installation, construction or incorporation, accessories and service delivery

Other assortment:

  • Entrance doors - wide range of sizes, types and shapes
  • Sound-proof windows, doors and walls - up to 45 db attenuation
  • Tilt and lift sliding door leaf widths up to 3 meters
  • Folding wall (harmonica)
  • Hinged garage doors
  • Fire panels
  • Accessories for windows and doors
  • Shielding technology - shutters, pleated blinds, awnings, blinds, mosquito nets, etc.

Other assortment of windows and doors



Photo Gallery



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