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AZ Ekotherm - production of Euro windows and doors largest manufacturer of conservatories in the Czech Republic

Scuntion windows

Historical beauty and modern design of wooden windows.

We offer free for our customers:

  • technical documents
  • request for replacement historical windows
  • personal meeting in Prague City Hall Heritage Department

Scuntion Windows EKOTHERM

Scuntion window AZ EKOTHERM
- double wooden windows for residential buildings in historic city centres
- modern windows + historical design
- Uw=0,9
- Rw=43-46 dB


Design of scuntion windows EKOTHERM

 Scuntion Windows CORONE

Scuntion Window CORONE - AZ EKOTHERM

- double wooden wïndows for historical buildings
- developer in partnership with the National Heritage Institute
- historical design with perfect parameters
- Uw=1,1
- Rw=44 dB




Scuntion windows AZ EKOTHERM Sumperk Scuntion Windows in Prague, Americka street Scuntion Windows EKOTHERM


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